Child Evangelism goes on a road trip

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Jesus te Ama Ministry recap for 2019-20

Booklets are often given out at nutrition stations

The pandemic continued to affect the distribution of Jesus te Ama and Historie Booklets by many North American based missionary and church groups.
In spite of this setback God did provide opportunities to print and distribute the booklets over the past number of years.
Highlights include:
$5000 March 2018 towards 140,000 copies Jesus te Ama printed

Booklets are also given out with school supplies

$742 USD paid to rework Historie so a smaller was printed August 2019
2400 Historie copies printed in 2020
$5000 November 2020 towards the printing and distribution of Jesus te Ama booklets
Booklets have also been distributed to various other countries including Haiti, Cuba and
Mexico by various missions’ organizations.

Jesus te Ama hits the road on weekends in 2021
Jesus Responde (Paraguay) purchased two vans in order to retrofit them out to be self-contained evangelism units to go to villages on the weekends. I am pleased to say that we as Jesus te Ama Ministries were able to provide the funds to build these vans out for that purpose.
We provided $10000 January 31 2021 and

The Gospel is being presented to the children.

$6500 May 31/21 towards outfitting a van to do weekend evangelistic meetings to kids on weekend

Pretty cool truck, eh?

I am excited for what we were able to do in 2021. Would you consider making a donation to continue this impactful work?

Check the next blog for exciting news for 2022!

Ministry Update

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It has been over a year since my last blog post, so you may be wondering what the status of Jesus Te Ama as a ministry is.

Prior to COVID I had attended several missions conferences in Western Canada. Through those contacts about 1000 booklets in various languages were distributed. One of these contacts works with Assist Canada – Cuban Ministries and was able to travel to Cuba before the pandemic. While there his team handed out all of the booklets, the majority of which went to a church in Matanzas with a strong children’s ministry. The remainder were divided into groups of 5-10 and given to smaller churches to use as children’s ministry material and in church reading.

During COVID, basically all small mission’s organization stopped doing international missions that involved travel. Sadly, this included Jesus Te Ama Ministries. Because of this I have resolved to direct more ministry energy on the one organization that I know has continued to do impactful Christian and humanitarian ministry, Jesús Responde in Paraguay.

Funds have been provided to print Jesus Te Ama booklets in Paraguay. Jesús Responde is using these booklets as part of their evangelistic ministries to children.

As I look forward to the rest of 2021 and into 2022, I see four areas of possible growth:

  • continue to work on reestablishing contacts from prior to the pandemic
  • find new contacts and partners as the COVID rules for travel relax
  • deepen partnership with Jesús Responde, including booklets and their other ministries
  • travel to Paraguay with the intention of identifying new ministry opportunities

I know many of you are savvier regarding finances than I am, so the following may be very old news for you. Over the past 12 months I have discovered the vast advantage of donating stocks to a charitable organization, especially if it has appreciated significantly. You can donate the stock and receive a donation receipt for the full amount, the charitable organization receives the stock, and the government will not charge you or the charitable organization for the capital gain. Seems like a win-win! If you own stocks, please consider it as a donation strategy. You can also do this to support Jesus Te Ama and most charitable organizations you support.

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Sometimes I get asked, how much do the Jesus Te Ama booklets cost? The simple answer is the printing cost is $1.00 per copy. (Shipping and other costs are are not included in this.)
So how are these costs covered? Generally I let individuals and organizations know that my costs are $1.00 per booklet plus shipping expenses. Some individuals and organizations are able to cover these costs, others struggle to find room in their budget to fully pay for the booklets, particularly large orders. In many circumstances Jesus Te Ama Ministries covers the entire costs.
My goal is that Jesus Te Ama Ministries prints and distributes as many booklets as possible to locations and individuals where they are being effectively used as part of a program to share Jesus Christ. We will always try to provide booklets regardless of the other organizations ability to pay .
If you or a friend or organization you know needs booklets we will be pleased to provide them.
If you are interested in helping subsidize the costs for those who cannot do so on their own, we would welcome your support.
Currently we have requests for 100 Spanish and 1000 English Jesus Te Ama booklets.

Vancouver Missions Fest Successful

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Dear Friends and Family,
One of my goals for this year is to increase the number of Jesus Te Ama books being distributed. To that end I know that I need to increase my exposure and contacts. So this past weekend I went to Missions Fest in Vancouver and was able to man a booth for a few hours. During that time I was able to pick up six fairly strong contacts and gave out many sample copies.
From that I currently have a request for 100 Spanish books, a large kindergarten book and 1000 English copies!
Praise God!


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Hello everyone,
Well Sunday has come and gone. All week Marianne and I have been looking forward to meeting with Eduardo in his city and in his church and in his home. Saturday at 10pm we received this email
“My brothers, may the peace and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. Dear, I am very sorry to tell you that I will not be able to go looking for you, I am sorry I did everything I could, but the fuel did not appear. I went to several gas stations but there was none and they told me that they were only authorizing state institutions. I even went to the Government to have a letter of authorization authorized but it didn’t work. All this is due to the economic situation of the country and the blockade imposed by the United States of America, which do not allow oil ships to enter the country. Brothers I really could not do more sorry. On Wednesday I have the trip to the mountains to take help to those in need and preach the word of God. As soon as I returned I will be sending photos and maybe some video so you can see how everything was. Dear brothers, I will continue to have communications with you and continue to pray for your life and your family. With unconditional love his brother Eduardo.”
Although we are sad to not meet with him, I am also glad that resources it would have taken to meet with us were not used! At this time I think any resources the church has are better spent reaching the people in the villages later on this coming week. You can pray for their ministry and that the 200 Jesus Te Ama booklets we provided them will be well received.

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